Saturday 21 November 2015

Knights of Old Caliban - Second Squad of Dark Angel HeresyTerminators

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So using the pride of the legion rite of war in the 30k Horus Heresy ruleset you can take both terminators and legion veterans as troops (I think you have to take them to fulfil the compulsory slots actually) so I have been working on my second squad to fulfil the troop requirements for a 30k army.

Unlike the previous lightning claw squad these guys will be armed with chainfists represented by chainswords of huge proportion and also have a thunder hammer as well instead of a ranged special weapon. This squad will be called the Bane of Caliban, and are old knights given Astartes retrograde augmentation that defied the Lion on Caliban. As a last redemption they are sent a suicidal squad into battle as the face of death.

With that bit of fluff I decided to make them look more chaos-y than the others (so more like the old school knights of Caliban) and gave them helms recommended by D Power on google+ and also used a chaos shoulder pad as a death mask with sculpted hair coming out of the back for the sergeant.

I'm actually really happy with how the greenstuff hair turned out, though its by no means perfect but the turn of the hair as it folds on itself really pleased me! I'm generally happy with the mean eclectic look they give off as well, I think when painted up they will look pretty cool. And as I get more used to the zenithal painting technique I hope to have these done fairly soon.

I cast a few copies of the chain swords as I only got 2 of the design I wanted in the pack. The casts aren't great but I hope to disguise there shortcomings with the paintjob so they should look OK when I am done... Maybe...

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