Tuesday 24 November 2015

Review of MaxMini Products

Hi Again internet, how are you today? Ah full of porn you say, terrible shame.

Today I am going to run through a couple of purchases I made from Maxmini that will be used to flesh out my 30k Dark Angels force and just ones that looked cool!

The models purchased are pictured below:

 I tried to get a good close up picture to show you how good the quality of the individual fingers are on the far right fist. They are stunning. I may try again to see if I can get it better.

The bike is a darker grey resin than the fists and of the other 2 I bought both of them had one of the rear fins snapped off. The one pictured had the bolter barrels snapped off as you can see. This leads me to think it is a cheaper more brittle resin, maybe as its a bigger blockier piece to cast? 

The fidelity of detail on the power fists on the other hand are simply stunning and the resin is nice and flexible with plenty of give to prevent breakages with such small detailed pieces. 

The detail overall is excellent, but for £15 a pop for the jetbikes (hence why I only bought 3) I am a little disappointed to have all 3 of them with at least one breakage.

Below I have built and converted the jetbike to have a heavy bolter as they will have in my list:

I think they look much much better than the scimitar dick bikes from forgeworld. One of the few ugly models I think they make. The aesthetic of this bikes fits much more with Sammael's bike in 40k, which if it is a relic from the past would make sense that old bikes look similar to it?

Anyway I am happy with it. I plan on drilling a 3-4mm hole in the bottom and using stiff wire as it stand so I can bend it and pose it dynamically.

If you are interested in Maxmini products, here is a link: Maxmini

I hope this has helped :)

Peace out,



  1. I would definitely grab one of those Bikes if I didn't already have a Sammael. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

    1. Yeah I really like this look. The three I have are going to be my command squad/bodyguard for my Praetor in my 30k Dark Angels army, so hoping to make them look boss!